I have started recording some episodes of my new vlog series called “Chatting with …”. In these episodes I chat with guests on a range of topics that can be useful for computing students to think about. It’s a combination of providing content that can help students engage with their studies, supporting them in different modules and letting us all see that we have lots of shared experiences.

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Episode List:

  1. Dr Michael Crabb – Getting Started with Programming and Debugging
  2. Aiesha Duncan – First experiences of studying computing courses
  3. Dr Daniel Rough – Researching End User Development
  4. Prof Manuel Trucco – How to get involved in research (and why)
  5. Me – Q&A episode: teaching, assessment and what I do when I’m not working
  6. Andy Cobley – The Internet in 1985
  7. Dr Karen Petrie – The Importance of Critical Reflection for Learning
  8. Dagmara Kuawka – A Career in UX (so far)